Action Alert from the CT Juvenile Justice Alliance

Yesterday, the Office of the Child Advocate released a statement about Jane Doe and the condition of Connecticut's juvenile justice system in general. It is disturbing, powerful and should serve as a call to action for us all. You can read it here: OCA found: 100 incidents of "assaultive or aggressive behavior" at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School and the Pueblo Unit in the past three months. 200 incidents of kids being restrained in those facilities - including dangerous prone restraints and handcuffs - in the past 13 weeks. A number of actions toward Jane Doe that made OCA question the department's ability to act in Jane


(This is a statement from the Office of the Child Advocate, not from Middlesex Coalition for Children) The purpose of this statement is to convey three items to the public: 1) OCA's persisting concern regarding DCF’s treatment of Jane Doe; 2) OCA's concern regarding violence at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School (CJTS) boys’ and girls’ (Pueblo) Units and the need for greater access to clinical support and programming; and 3) OCA’s recommendations for addressing these challenges transparently. DCF issued a July 13, 2014, public statement about a July 12 incident at the Pueblo Unit—a locked girls’ juvenile justice unit at CJTS—affirmatively singling out Jane Doe's behavior, as yet uninve

Department of Housing Section 8 Waiting List Open

The Department of Housing has announced that it will open the waiting lists for the state Rental Assistance Program (RAP) and the state’s portion of the Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) program for a two-week period, beginning August 4 and ending August 18. Applications for the waiting list will become available on August 4. The waiting lists for these programs have been closed since 2007, so the reopening of the lists is a major event. Eight thousand names will be chosen by lottery for placement on the list – 5,000 for Section 8 and 3,000 for RAP. Please distribute the attached pre-publication notice widely to social services and other organizations, and please encourage them to distr

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