Fairness for the 99% March and Rally

On Monday, April 4, community, civil rights, and labor organizations will come together to hold legislators accountable to their constituents and not remain beholden to the richest 1%. Join the march and rally planned for Monday evening: Gather and March - 5 PM - Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Ave, Hartford Rally - 6 PM - Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford Join the D.U.E. Justice Coalition (Democracy, Unity and Equality) as they hold politicians accountable for fighting for all of us. The coalition will rate their commitment and their actions on these 5 critical issue areas: •Good Jobs and Fair Wages •Universal Access to Quality Public Education, Preschool to Gra

Trauma and Brain Development Workshops

Please join us for these important workshops on Brain Development, Trauma, Attachment, and Behavior. *April 14, 8-9 am, Middlesex Hospital Leaning Into Listen: How Children Express the Pain of Relational Trauma and Attachment through Behaviors Mary Dineen Elovich, LCSW will give the lecture at our annual Grand Rounds event, which will be a clinical introduction to trauma and brain development, social, emotional and cognitive development. Participants will also learn the basics of attachment theory and the popular "Circle of Security", evidence-based intervention. This event is open to anyone and registration is not required. *Wednesday, April 27, 6-8 pm, Middletown Senior Center Understandin

Family Economic Security Coalition - 2016 Session Updates

*This post is from the FES Coalition of CAHS "The 2016 legislative session is at its midpoint, and things are starting to clear up a bit. On one hand, some important family economic success policies are moving forward. On the other hand, the budget situation remains dire, and it might even worsen. Read for more updates! The 2016 legislative session Bills moving forward We will start with the good news; quite a few good bills were voted out of committee these past few days, and some of them have a good chance of passing. Let's have a look: S.B.221- Paid Family Leave One of the bills that we are the most excited about: paid family leavewill be a huge boost for family economic security in the s

EITC Public Hearing

*This information is from our partners at CAHS. "Hearing scheduled - Friday 18th Upcoming EITC bill - talking points and materials: The hearing for the EITC bill is coming up (this Friday, 10.30 am), so we have to get ready. Here are some talking points, data and research to prepare for the hearing, and information to share with your legislators in your calls and e-mails supporting the EITC. Time to take action! About the bill itself: H.B. 5526 The Finance Committee has raised bill H.B.5626, a proposal that will look into possible changes on Connecticut´s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). H.B. 5626 instructs the Department of Revenue Services to review ways to introduce a graduated schedul

Action Alert from Middletown Schools

Please help us advocate to save the Parent Trust which is part of the Department of Education’s budget. Parent Leadership programs such as Parent leadership Training Institute (PLTI), People Empowering People (PEP), Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (PSEE), and Voice for Families (VFF) help us support parents and community members to be leading advocates for children and help families develop the tools to be engaged in children’s success. Here is a state overview as well as our local Middlesex County accomplishments with over 500 graduates in the past 16 years. Please contact your legislators and the Governor to save these programs that help bring diversity to our decision making tab

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