2018: Children's Budget

(From CT Voices for Children) Connecticut’s long-term fiscal health depends on an economy that benefits all families, businesses, and communities. To achieve this objective, the state needs a strategic budget that balances investment with fiscal responsibility. In this report, we find that the Governor’s latest budget proposal would move Connecticut away from these goals. Under the Governor’s plan, the Children’s Budget, the share of state spending devoted to children, would drop to 27.2 percent, a historic low, down from 27.8 in the budget approved last November. The Governor’s budget includes significant cuts compared to the biennial budget approved by the General Assembly last October. Th

Black/White Achievement Gap: New Report from CT Voices

Significant disparities persist in access to quality education, school experience and education outcomes between White and Black students in the state. (From CT Voices for Children) In our new report, we find systemic and persistent differences in access to resources, student treatment, and teacher recruitment. These disparities translate into deep and persistent gaps in student outcomes, run contrary to our oft-stated commitment to equitable opportunity, undermine individual student social and economic mobility, and will have significant long-term negative impacts for the state. The school experience for White and Black students encounter vastly different school experiences and outcomes: Su

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