Board Members








Justin Carbonella


Youth Services Coordinator


Middletown Youth Service Bureau

The Advisory Board of the Middlesex Coalition for Children is made up of leaders in area child-serving agencies.

Dr. Michael Conner




Middletown Public Schools

Dawn Dubay


School Readiness Coordinator

Middletown Public Schools

Cathy Lechowicz



Director of Center for Community Partnerships 


Wesleyan University

Adrienne Maslin


Dean of Students


Middlesex Community College

Lisa Sedlock-Reider




Middletown Office Department of Children and Families

Terri DiPietro




Outpatient Behavioral Health Services,

Middlesex Hospital

Yvette Highsmith-Francis



Community Health Center

Clifton Watson


Director of Center for Community


Partnerships, Wesleyan University

Toral Maher


Senior Program Officer 


Liberty Bank Foundation

Michelle Rulnick


President and CEO


Northern Middlesex YMCA

Daniel Drew


Honorary Chair




Allon Kalisher


Regional Administrator


DCF Region 3

Donna Marino


Community Partnership Coordinator


Middletown Public Schools 

Jeffrey Pugliese


Vice President


Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

Precious Price


School Readiness Coordinator 


Middletown Public Schools

Thayer Talbott


Senior Director, Programs &Operations


Community Foundation of Middlesex County

Toral Maher


Program Officer


Liberty Bank Foundation

Kevin Wilhelm


Executive Director


Middlesex United Way

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