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Candidates Forum!

Middlesex County Candidates Forum

A huge thank you to the many Middlesex County Candidates who came out to our Candidate's Forum on Oct. 9th! It was a lively and interesting conversation.

Thank you to:

Dante Bartolomeo

Emily Bjornberg

Paul Doyle

Noreen Kokoruda

Matt Lesser

Art Linares

Phil Miller

Joe Serra

Len Suzio

Alex Taubes

Mary Stone

Linda Szynkowicz

Tom Vicino

Melissa Ziobron

You can click here to read the candidates guide for Middlesex County.


Also, many races are competitive and candidates can use your help. If you can, please volunteer even an hour making phone calls or going door-to-door for the candidates that you care about most. You'd be surprised how helpful that can be.

And, if you're interested in checking out how our delegation voted on the bills that we were following, you can see it in the last few pages of our End of Year report.


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