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The Governor's Budget is Out!

Governor Malloy has released his budget, and it has some big impacts on children. Below are some of the impacts and we'll be posting more as we learn more.

The budget eliminates:

  • Help Me Grow

  • Parent's Trust Fund (PLTI, Parent SEE)

  • Community Plans for Early Childhood

  • Early Literacy Grant

  • School Age programming at State Funded Centers

  • Early Childhood Advisory Cabinet

  • ABCD's Arts enrichment program


  • Quality Enhancement -5%


  • Care4Kids - Contractual raises -3% raise for family daycare providers, increase for Family Friend and Neighbor providers based on the increase of the minimum wage.

  • School Readiness - $3.4 million increase.

For your information, the Office of Early Childhood's budget starts on page 78.


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