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Fairness for the 99% March and Rally

On Monday, April 4, community, civil rights, and labor organizations will come together to hold legislators accountable to their constituents and not remain beholden to the richest 1%. Join the march and rally planned for Monday evening:

Gather and March - 5 PM - Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Ave, Hartford Rally - 6 PM - Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford

Join the D.U.E. Justice Coalition (Democracy, Unity and Equality) as they hold politicians accountable for fighting for all of us. The coalition will rate their commitment and their actions on these 5 critical issue areas:

•Good Jobs and Fair Wages

•Universal Access to Quality Public Education, Preschool to Grad School

•A Vibrant and Fairly Funded Public Sector

•Racial, Gender, and Ethnic Justice

•Democracy in Our State and in Our Work Places To REGISTER, click HERE

For questions contact:

CCAG Director of Organizing Ann Pratt (860) 209-1234

Email: ann.prattccag@gmail.com

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