2020 Candidates Forum for Middlesex County

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Update Oct. 8:

Thank you to all of the candidates that joined us for our 2020 Candidate Forum.

This forum focused on issues that affect children and families in Middletown, Middlesex County, and the State of Connecticut. We have compiled statements from candidates on their priorities for children. All information was supplied by the candidates and their team. If anyone/anything is missing, it is because it was not supplied by the campaign. Sample Questions for the candidates can be found here.

Candidates who attended include:

  • Mary Daugherty Abrams, Senate District 13

  • April Capone, Senate District 34

  • Brandon Chafee, House District 33

  • Christine Goupil, House District 35

  • John Hall, House District 35

  • Matt Lesser, Senate District 9

  • John May, House District 35

  • Norm Needleman, Senate District 33

  • Christine Palm, House District 36

  • John-Michael Parker, House District 101

  • Quentin Phipps, House District 100

  • Michael Quinn, House District 82

  • Michael Skelps, House District 82

  • Len Suzio, Senate District 13 (tentative)

  • Linda Szynkowicz, House District 33

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