Cooped Up, But Creative?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Are you looking for a quick project to do with the kids while they're home? Want to help us spread the word to make sure people fill out the Census? 

If you drive on roads, if your child benefits from the Care4Kids program, school nutrition programs, or attends a public school, the information from the Census helps fund these things and a lot more! As part of our Count All Kids Connecticut project, we need to make sure that all people - including babies, infants, and toddlers - are included in the 2020 Census. In the 2010 Census, children under the age of 5 were the most under-counted group, and we can't let that continue.

For every person missed in Connecticut, we lose about $3,000 per year, per person, in federal funding.

If you're comfortable with recording your child or children in a quick video clip, saying a few things:

"It's Count All Kids Day! Don't forget to count me in the Census!" "Count All Kids in the US Census!"Have them count something - toys, crayons, etc - on camera.

Please fill out this form to allow us to use the video clips. The form will include instructions on who to send the clips to. The video clips will be posted to social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to help bring needed awareness to Census completion.

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