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Early Care Connection: Monday Early Childhood Calls

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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Past Meetings and Webinars

For any webinar after July 31st, 2023, click here.

July 31, 2023: DPH Commissioner Juthani

July 24, 2023: John Foti, Federal Lobbiest and OEC BCIS Presentation

July 18, 2023: Atty. Danny Livingston, Labor Law and Paid Family Leave

July 10, 2023: Commissioner Bye and WBDC

June 26, 2023: PEER

June 12, 2023: Legislative Wrap-up

June 5, 2023: Comptroller's Office COVID Pay

May 22, 2023: CT Paid Family Leave Authority

May 15, 2023: Legislative and Advocacy Updates

May 8, 2023: Commissioner Bye and CBIA Health Insurance

May 1, 2023: Legislative Update

April 24, 2023:

April 17, 2023: Blue Ribbon Panel

April 3, 2023: Governor's Budget

March 13, 2023: OEC on New Expansion of Contracted Infant Toddler Slots

February 27, 2023: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye and OEC Team on Wage Supports

February 6, 2023: Office Of Early Childhood Parent Survey

January 30, 2023: Georgia Goldburn Birth to Three Proposal

January 24, 2023: CT Women's Education and Legal Fund Legislative Advocacy

January 9, 2023: Commissioner Beth Bye

December 19, 2022: Commissioner Beth Bye and OEC on BCIS

December 12, 2022: Comptroller's Office on the Essential Workers Premium Pay Program

November 7, 2022: State Dept. of Health on Respiratory Viruses

October 24, 2022: Wage Supports for Early Childhood, OEC

October 17, 2022: Resilience Movie Screening (can not share recording due to license restriction) Please contact us for link to movie.

October 3, 3022: CT Grown for CT's Kids

September 12, 2022, OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

August 22, 2022: My CT Savings

August 15, 2022: Making sense of Premium (Hero) Pay and wage supplements

August 8, 2022: Commissioner Beth Bye on COVID Guidance

August 1, 2022: Sandra Cardone on Mindfulness

July 25, 2022: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

June 27, 2022: State of CT Comptroller Natalie Braswell and Team

June 6, 2022: State of CT Childhood Tax Credit

May 17, 2022: Jason Schwartz, Yale Public Health & OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

May 9, 2022: Legislative Wrap Up

April 25, 2022: Solar and Other Ways to Save Money

March 28, 2022: CT Paid Leave Authority

March 20, 2022: Day of Action Recap and Legislative Action Information

March 14, 2022: info Session on the March 15th Day of Action

March 7, 2022 Info Session on the March 15th Day of Action

February 7, 2022: The (Broken) Economics of Child Care Legislative Forum

January 31, 2022: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye and Legislative Priorities

January 24, 2022: Senator Richard Blumenthal on Federal Legislation

January 10, 2022: Nathaniel Raymond, Yale on Public Health

January 3, 2022: OEC Commissioner Bye on Test and Mask Distribution

December 13, 2021: Simon Workman from Prenatal to 5 Finance Project on BBB and Cost of Quality

November 29, 2021: Brainstorming Build Back Better

November 15, 2021: OEC Commissioner Bye and Staff

November 8, 2021: No Guest

Nov. 1, 2021: Commissioner Beth Bye on BCIS Background Checks

October 6, 2021: Commissioner Beth Bye and OEC Staff on Background Checks and Vaccine Mandate

September 20, 2021: Diane Schilder, Urban Institute on Non Traditional Hours for Child Care

September 13, 2021: Vaccine Hesitancy and the 9/27 Mandate with: Dr. Lynn Sosa, DPH, Commissioner Beth Bye, OEC, Karen Lott and Mini Santosh, Center Directors

August 25, 2021: Industry Experts Talk COVID: OEC Commissioner Bye, Dr. Lynn Sosa, DPH, Nathaniel Raymond, Yale, State Comptroller, Kevin Lembo, Karen Siegel, HES

August 16th, 2021: OEC Commission Beth Bye and Dr. Sosa from CT DPH

July 19, 2021: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

June 29, 2021: CT Women's Business Development Council, Stabilization Funds

June 14, 2021: Legislative Wrap-Up

June 2, 2021: Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

May 17, 2021: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

May 10, 2021: OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

May 5, 2021: Chris Soto, SDE on Summer Camp Grant Program

April 21, 2021: CCDF Plan Merrill Gay

April 14, 2021: Early Childhood Advocacy Day

April 7, 2021: Nathaniel Raymond, Yale University: COVID-19 Public Health Update

March 29, 2021: OEC Commissioner Bye and the Vice President in CT

March 24, 2021: State Treasurer Shawn Wooden on Baby Bond Legislation

March 22, 2021: OEC Commissioner Bye and updates (she begins at roughly 25 minutes in)

March 17, 2021: Q & A and Commissioner Bye

March 15, 2021, Senator Richard Blumenthal Press Conference

March 10, 2021, Connecticut Small Business Development Center on Changes to PPP

March 3, 2021,OEC Commissioner Bye, CT Deputy COO, Michelle Gilman, and State Epidemiologist with DPH, Krista Veneziano,

March 1, 2021, Speaker of the House, Matt Ritter & OEC Commissioner Bye

Feb. 24, 2021, Let's Grow Kids Vermont Child Care Campaign

Feb 22, 2021, Testifying in a Virtual Session with Rep. Robin Comey and Legislative Advocacy 101 with and Danny Medress

Feb 8, 2021, Commissioner Beth Bye

January 25, 2021, Danny Livingston, Labor Attorney

January 20, 2021, Updates and Business Info

January 13, 2021, Nathaniel Raymond

January 11, 2021, N. Chineye Anako, MPH, CHES

December 22, 2020: Lt. Gov & OEC Commissioner

December 15, 2020: COVID Straight Talk for Childcare

December 14, 2020: Commissioner Beth Bye

December 7, 2020: COVID Straight Talk

November 30, 2020: Paid Family Leave Authority

November 16, 2020: Background Checks

November 11, 2020: Albert Wat, Roadmap for Rebuilding Childcare

November 9, 2020: Nathaniel Raymond from Yale, Public Health and Childcare

October 28, 2020: All our Kin Presentation on Voting!

October 26, 2020: End Hunger CT! Getting Food Into Childcare

October 21, 2020: Connecticut Women's Business Development Council

October 19, 2020: Dr. Walter Gilliam on COVID in Childcare

October 7, 2020: How to Get Kids Outside in Winter

October 5, 2020, Women's Business Development Council, CTAEYC

September 30, 2020, Tina Pascoe, Pediatric Nurse Consultant

September 23, 2020, Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Beth Bye

September 16, 2020, Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Beth Bye

September 9, 2020, Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Beth Bye

August 31, 2020, Nathaniel Raymond: Public Health and Safety in Early Care Environments

August 26, 2020: Georgia Goldburn on DCF Issues in Childcare

August 24, 2020: Governor Ned Lamont

August 5, 2020, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

August 3, 2020, Deb Flis from Office of Early Childhood

June 27, 2020, Nathaniel Raymond: Public Health and Reopening Childcare

June 13, 2020, Senator Richard Blumenthal

June 26, 2020, $10aDay Canada Child Care Plan

June 22, 2020, Paid Family and Medical Leave

June 15, 2020, OEC Commissioner Beth Bye

June 10, 2020, Congressman Joe Courtney

May 20, 2020, DCF Payment Issues

May 8, Virtual VITA

May 6, Mental Health Survival Strategies with Jill Humphrey

May 4, General Q & A

May 1, Dr. John Schreiber, CCMC on Childhood Vaccine Rates During COVID-19

April 29, Deputy Commissioner of Dept. of Labor, Dante Bartolomeo

April 27, Commissioner Beth Bye & State Epidemiologist Lynn Sosa 

April 24, Tommy Sanchez, Anasan Credit Repair

April 22, CT Women's Business Council

April 20, 4th District Congressman, Jim Himes

April 15, 5th District Congresswoman Jahana Hayes

April 14, OCC & CDC Hosted a Webinar to guide child care programs that remain open.

April 10, CT Small Business A Helping Childcare Providers

March 26, 2020 Webinar on Unemployment Law and Unemployment Documents

March 25, 2020 Advocacy Day Documents

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