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How Can I Contact My Federal Representatives?

Things continue to move fast during this Covid-19 outbreak. We know it has been reported that Congress has struck a deal on a third stimulus package, though few details are known at this time, as the bill is still being written. We do know that the amount being discussed for child care is far less than what is needed, however we have also been told that this won't be the end to the stimulus funding going forward, including a fourth stimulus bill. 

What you can do TODAY:

Today, sit down and write down your story, your situation, your challenges. Are you open or closed? If you're a childcare center, are you open, how many families are you supporting? Are you still paying staff or have you had to lay people off? Are you asking parents to continue paying parent fees? Are you a struggling family? Have you been laid off? What do you need?

You can send a message to:

Your Federal Delegates:


Your State Senator (Click HERE to search)

Your State Rep (Click HERE to search)

Your Local Mayor, First Selectperson, Town Manager

Please cc your email to Izzi Greenberg if you can so we know how you're advocating.

Lastly, remember we are all in this together and trying to navigate it as best we can. We are trying to get answers to questions and help the best we can. Take care of yourselves and stay safe - we will get through this. 

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