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The OEC is providing fiscal assurances to OEC funded providers of ECE services (Care4Kids, Child Day Care, School Readiness, and Smart Start) that they will be paid at the same level of funding as received in March 2020, through the end of the current state fiscal year.  

There are also assurances for Even Start and State Head Start Supplement.

Attached you will find Memo #13, State Program Stabilization Funding, Continuation of the Office of Early Childhood ECE Services Funding for FY 20.

These funds will help sustain our early care and education industry.

Click here to read the full version of the memo.

A big thank you to the Office of Early Childhood!

But keep in mind, this is only one piece of the work we have ahead of us.

The child care industry has many types of providers, all with different funding streams.  Many providers are self employed or small business owners and do not receive much, if anything from state funding.

If we are to keep our industry from failing, we need all of these types of child care programs to survive!  These small businesses will fail if they are not supported.  

Our next phase of work will be to make sure that the funding in any package that is passed in Congress be available for providers.  We need to make sure that the state of CT understands the crucial time that this industry is facing, and assure us that money coming to the state will available to all types of providers.

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