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Tri-Weekly Advocacy Webinars

Updated: Feb 16

Todos los eventos también serán en español. (All events will also be in Spanish.)

The Coalition and its partners are working to get the most relevant issues to our community included in statewide and federal advocacy.

Click here to ask a question for a future webinar.


  • Regular Advocacy Zoom Webinar: this is a running 2 times per week check in call for anyone wanting to work on early childhood advocacy during the crisis. It will be every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 am.You are welcome to join to discuss any issue relevant to early care and education, supporting the childcare system, or supporting families and childcare workers. Please join us! These calls are being organized by the Middlesex Coalition for Children, the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, The Connecticut Association for Human Services, and CSEA/SEIU.  

Unless noted, all calls will be at 9:30 and will use this link: Regular Advocacy Zoom Webinar.

  • Wed. Feb 17th at 9:30 am: Mitchell Mares, VITA training coordinator and is well versed in the stimulus and CARES tax implications. He will also give information on how to access VITA for free tax assistance.

  • Mon., Feb. 22nd at 9:30 am: Rep. Robin Comey: How to testify in a virtual legislative session

  • Wed, Feb. 24th at 9:30 am: Vermont's Let's Grow Kids

*For all webinars in spanish, follow these Zoom directions:

For Computers: Windows | macOS

  1. In your meeting/webinar controls, click Interpretation

  2. Click the language that you would like to hear.

  3. (Optional) To only hear the interpreted language, click Mute Original Audio

For Phone/Tablet: Android | iOS

  1. In your meeting controls, tap ... More.

  2. Tap Language Interpretation

  3. Tap the language you would like to hear.

  4. (Optional) Tap the toggle to Mute Original Audio.

  5. Click Done.

Click Here for Resources and Information from Past Events

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